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A Second Language Can be a Valuable Career Advancement Tool

As the world becomes more and more connected, companies are becoming more open to the idea of synergizing with foreign businesses. It’s a great opportunity to branch out and establish oneself in a new sector and demographic. The obvious problem with branching out around the world, however, is the language barrier. While things like Google Translate and other similar programs make basic conversation between languages possible, a computer can’t catch all of the subtleties of a language. It is in this situation that having a second language under your belt makes you an invaluable asset to your company.

When you become a concrete line of contact between your place of business and another, that makes you a vital company asset, and you know what vital company assets get? Better jobs, better pay. This is assuming you’re already working for a particular company that’s trying to establish a working relationship with a particular company, though. Even if that’s not the case, and you’re just looking for a job, having a second language on your resume is an incredibly attractive quality. Even if they’re not actively pursuing a foreign partnership, companies love to have those extra irons in the fire.

Additional languages also make for great networking tools. Even if someone lives and works in an English-speaking country, English may not be their first language. If you happen to speak their first language, it can make for a fantastic ice breaker and, by extension, networking and potential hiring opportunity.

So whether you come from a multinational family and picked up a language as a kid, or you just have some free time and some learning programs available, pick up another language. It’ll be a great boost to your career and, besides everything, a great way to expand your worldview.

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