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    Advisory Services on Wall Street Favor These 3 Robust Dividend-Paying Stocks

    Allocating funds to dividend-dispensing stocks can act as a shield for investor assets amidst market uncertainties whilst enhancing overall profits.

    Yet, pinpointing the most lucrative dividend-paying stocks presents a formidable task. Analysts with top-notch credentials on Wall Street possess the expertise to pinpoint enterprises likely to ensure enduring dividend receipts and capital growth over an extended period.

    Presented here are three attractive dividend stock picks, as suggested by top-rated analysts on TipRanks, which evaluates analysts based on their track record’s accuracy and performance.


    Esteemed household product giant Kimberly-Clark (KMB), housing celebrated labels like Huggies and Kleenex, commands attention as the initial premier dividend stock of the week. This illustrious dividend monarch has commendably escalated its dividends for more than five decades in succession.

    During the year’s first quarter, Kimberly-Clark returned $452 million to its shareholders through distributions and repurchasing initiatives. Its quarterly dividend resides at $1.22 per share, which is an annualized $4.88, reflecting a 3.5% yield.

    Subsequent to the Kimberly-Clark Analyst Day meet in March, Nik Modi from RBC Capital bump up his stance on KMB’s shares from a hold to a buy, improving the target price from $126 to $165. Modi’s positivity springs from the shift in the company’s strategy towards growth-driven objectives from cost-saving measures.

    He is of the view that Kimberly-Clark is on a trajectory for more steady, enhanced expansion and is certain in its ability to attain its expansive financial targets, including sustaining a 40% gross margin and surpassing 3% revenue growth annually in local currencies by 2030’s entrance.

    Modi lauds CEO Mike Hsu for breathing new life into KMB’s game plan and reorganizing into three sectors, resulting in lower costs for products and expedited introductions to the market.

    Landing at 593 among the 8,800-plus analysts followed on TipRanks, strategies suggested by Modi succeeded 61% of the time, with an average gain of 6.8%. (Investigate Kimberly-Clark’s Buyback Information on TipRanks)

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