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Amazon Is Purportedly Experimenting with Robotaxi In California

With the advancement of automated transportation technology, corporations that possess it are actively searching for more opportunities to trial it in a realistic setting. One particular corporation has initiated its testing on the roads of California.

The robotaxi enterprise Zoox, which is a branch of Amazon, commenced conducting public road trials of its self-driving vehicles this week. Amazon staff were provided with the chance to experience a ride in one of their autonomous vehicles back and forth between the company’s two main headquarters along a predetermined path. The vehicle can accommodate up to four passengers at a time and has the capability to reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

“With the debut of our self-governing employee transportation service, we are contributing to the advancements witnessed in this sector over the past year and bringing Zoox one step nearer to launching a commercialized, specially-designed robotaxi service for the general public,” stated Zoox CEO Aicha Evans.

In the event of safety apprehensions, a human controller has the ability to take over control of the vehicle either to navigate it or bring it to a stop. All incidents are documented and relayed to Zoox for testing and examination purposes. Evans elaborated, “If the vehicle encounters a situation where it requires assistance either due to needing to execute a task it’s not familiar with or due to uncertainty in handling a situation, we have what we refer to as a ‘fusion center,’ with trained supervisory operators overseeing the situation and then providing directives to the vehicle. These directions could involve granting permission for action — yet the vehicle remains in control and manages all driving aspects — or suggesting an alternative course of action, or as a last resort, bringing the vehicle to halt.”

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