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Anticipated Rise in Prices for Super Bowl Snacks

This weekend marks the awaited Super Bowl event, and as per tradition, shoppers are filling their carts with snacks and accompaniments to savor during the game. The common offerings are aplenty, ranging from crisps and avocado dip to wings and pizza. Regrettably, it appears that this year, due to inflation, prices might surge to uncomfortable heights.

As per the most recent data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Consumer Price Index has escalated by 7.5%, marking a significant increase compared to the same period last year. The costs of various goods and services have risen universally, impacting not only consumers but also vendors and distributors. For instance, the price of poultry has surged by 11.6%, leading to increased expenses for eateries that typically serve Super Bowl gatherings such as Buffalo Wild Wings. Regrettably, this additional cost burden is then relayed to the end customer.

Moreover, the cost of premium Hass avocados has also risen, resulting in an uptick in prices for products containing avocado like guacamole. Of particular concern is the current situation regarding beer prices. Although the production of beer itself has not been dramatically affected, the global availability of aluminum is facing severe limitations. Without sufficient aluminum for canning, breweries are unable to manufacture as many units as they desire.

Collectively, shoppers are anticipated to splurge at least $14.6 billion on edibles for this year’s Super Bowl. The elevated price tags are slated to adversely impact the overarching profitability of the occasion, potentially spelling further woes for merchants.

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