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Arnold Schwarzenegger Apprehended for Unclaimed High-End Timepiece

Arnold Schwarzenegger Encounters Issue in Munich When Failing to Disclose a Valuable Watch Meant for A Charitable Auction.

The renowned movie star and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, found himself in custody for three hours at Munich airport on Wednesday after purportedly neglecting to declare a lavish watch he planned to auction for charity.

An inquiry into alleged tax avoidance was initiated as the timepiece, which was set to be sold within the European Union (EU), was not reported upon arrival, as mandated by EU regulations for items valued over €10,000 (£8,580).

Despite not being prompted to complete a declaration form, Schwarzenegger reportedly faced challenges in settling the necessary tax. A source informed CBS News that subsequent to a failed initial card machine, the nearest bank was closed, and ATM withdrawal limits were insufficient. Eventually, customs officials provided a new card machine for Schwarzenegger to utilize.

Schwarzenegger’s spokesperson characterized the occurrence as “a complete farce filled with mishaps, but which would make a very amusing police movie,” while local tabloid Bild reported that the actor remained composed throughout. An image published by Bild portrayed Schwarzenegger grinning and posing with a box containing the timepiece, along with a note reading “For Austria.”

The specially crafted timepiece, designed by luxury watchmaker Audemars Piguet, was meant to be auctioned at a fundraising dinner for The Schwarzenegger Climate Initiative in Kitzbuhel, Austria. The occasion, slated to occur at the Stanglwirt hotel, will showcase an array of items up for auction, including artworks and autographed memorabilia from the realms of sports and cinema.

Auction specifics obtained by Bild disclosed that the watch, one of only 20 in existence, features an image of Schwarzenegger in his iconic pose with the words “Arnold Classic.” The initial bidding price was set at €50,000.

Image Source: Arnold Schwarzenegger @ Instagram

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