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Drugstores Are Restricting The Sale Of Pain Relief Medications for Kids

Image Source: HENADZI KlLENT / Shutterstock

As we approach the peak of winter, illnesses are on the rise, especially among children. There is a surge in cases of common cold, seasonal flu, and COVID-19 across the United States. While these cases are not life-threatening, they are proving to be quite debilitating for some individuals. This surge in illnesses has led to a spike in the sales of over-the-counter cold medicines, particularly those that reduce fever and pain, resulting in pharmacies struggling to meet the demand.

Both CVS and Walgreens have declared that, for an unspecified period, they will restrict the quantity of pain and fever medications for children that customers can purchase in a single transaction. Walgreens has set a limit of six items for online purchases, while CVS has capped both online and in-store purchases at just two items.

“In response to the heightened demand and various supply issues, there are shortages of pediatric fever-reducing products nationwide,” Walgreens stated. They implemented this restriction “to aid in maintaining availability and prevent excessive buying.”

“While efforts are made to rapidly replenish these products, there is no widespread shortage in the US. Nevertheless, with the extraordinary demand for children’s pain and fever medications due to the early and severe flu season (in addition to cases of RSV and COVID), we understand the rationale behind retailers implementing purchase limitations,” stated the Consumer Healthcare Products Association.

“Despite our member companies operating manufacturing plants round the clock to meet demand, it is important for consumers to purchase only what they require so that other families can also access and purchase the medications they need.”

Image Source: HENADZI KlLENT / Shutterstock

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