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Exploring Cryptocurrency in Your Retirement Account | Latest Update from Bloomberg Crypto on 11/01/2022

“Dealing with the realm of decentralized finance, the team at ‘Bloomberg Crypto’ delves into the individuals, exchanges, and innovations influencing this space. Craig Salm, the Chief Legal Officer over at Grayscale Investments – the globe’s leading digital money asset overseer – highlights the ongoing struggle in Congress regarding the regulation of cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, David Ramirez, the Co-Founder & CEO of ForUsAll, a retirement service granting individuals the chance to incorporate cryptocurrencies into their 401(k) plans, delves into the legal action their company has taken against the Labor Department. The core objective? To ensure all Americans have an equal opportunity for financial empowerment.


  • 00:00 Greetings
  • 01:00 Quick Look at Crypto Trends
  • 2:00 Interplay of Crypto and Political Elections
  • 6:00 Insight into Grayscale’s Stake in Cryptocurrency
  • 13:00 Unpacking the Integration of Crypto within 401(k) Plans

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Credit: Footage sourced from YouTube/Bloomberg Television

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