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General Motors Unveils Electric Vehicle Charger Venture

Image Source: Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock

The renowned automobile maker General Motors disclosed today that they are commencing their entry into the sustainable energy industry by launching a fresh business segment. This division, named GM Energy, will emphasize the marketing and dispersal of sustainable energy alternatives to enterprises and customers. This encompasses items like EV charging stations, photovoltaic panels, and battery packs. Business transactions of these wares will kick off in 2024.

GM aspires that this newfound initiative will assist them in their ambition to amplify their existing cumulative revenue by 2030, as well as offer more personalized assistance for clients who procure a GM-branded EV. Moreover, GM Energy is devising to provide its batteries to local electricity grids in a bid to fortify them against ecological elements. Pacific Gas and Electric have already established an agreement with GM Energy to trial a novel power structure that has the capacity to generate power for households and transmit surplus energy back to the grid.

“If there is an abrupt, unforeseen power outage, then you can use your vehicle or your fixed storage unit to supply power to your residence or small venture,” noted Travis Hester, the vice president of GM’s EV expansion operations, in a declaration.

GM Energy has collaborated with a range of associates to furnish these commodities and amenities, which might transform the division into a formidable competitor for Tesla, which has retained supremacy in the EV domain for numerous years.

“It was of utmost importance to us that when we unveiled this, it was not just a future strategy, but in fact, something already in motion,” expressed Hester. “The underlying business principles supporting this are exceedingly sound.”

Image Source: Jonathan Weiss / Shutterstock

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