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Goldman Sachs Forecasts India to Exceed US as Globe’s Second-Most Massive Economy by 2075

Based on a freshly released analysis from Goldman Sachs, India is projected to outshine the United States and rise as the world’s second-largest economy by 2075. Currently positioned fifth, India is poised to surpass Japan, Germany, and the United States in economic dominance.

Goldman Sachs attributes this outlook to various elements, including India’s expanding population, progress in creativity and technology, heightened capital investment, and improved worker efficiency. Santanu Sengupta, the India economist at Goldman Sachs Research, highlighted that India’s dependency ratio, gauging dependents versus the working-age group, will be among the most favorable among neighboring economies in the coming decades. This signifies a larger percentage of working-age individuals capable of supporting the younger and older demographics.

To maximize the advantages of India’s rapidly growing population, Sengupta emphasized the necessity of enhancing labor force involvement. He anticipated that India would uphold one of the most favorable dependency ratios among major economies over the next 20 years. Sengupta underscored the vital need for India to seize this moment to establish manufacturing capabilities, sustain the growth of the service sector, and continuously invest in infrastructure.

The Indian government has placed a priority on infrastructure development, particularly concentrating on road and railway establishment. The recent budget suggested the continuity of interest-free loan programs up to 50 years to state governments, aiming to spur investments in infrastructure projects.

Goldman Sachs is convinced that the current juncture provides a propitious window for the private sector to amplify manufacturing and services, consequently creating more job prospects and accommodating the extensive labor pool in the nation.

As India advances towards being the planet’s second-largest economy, it needs to harness its advantages and make strategic investments in critical sectors. By concentrating on infrastructure upgrading, nurturing innovation, and optimizing its workforce, India can realize its economic capabilities and strengthen its position globally. Through meticulous strategizing and execution, India anticipates a bright horizon ahead.

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