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Handling Your Online Presence – Cashola

There are individuals who hold the belief that they have the freedom to share anything online without consequences. Whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, or any other social platform where your identity is exposed, people will associate your online content with your real identity. While posting images of your beloved pet or expressing admiration for celebrities like Benedict Cumberbatch may seem harmless, it’s crucial to realize that a broader audience beyond your friends can view your content, and this can have repercussions.

In today’s world, it’s common for potential employers to scrutinize a job applicant’s social media presence. While one may argue that this approach is unjust, the reality is that once you attach your name to a social profile, that profile becomes an extension of your personal image. Much like a professional reputation, your personal image is something that requires careful consideration. Your image communicates, “This is who I am and what I represent.” If your image clashes with a company’s professional image, it could cost you an opportunity.

Instead of cluttering your public profile with controversial opinions and perplexing memes, leverage it to bolster your personal image. Highlight your achievements, showcase how you’re enriching your life, and sprinkle in some cute dog pictures. People are drawn to content featuring dogs. You can still express your unpopular opinions online by creating an anonymous account that doesn’t reveal your identity.

Keep in mind that being active online doesn’t mean you are invisible. In fact, you are more exposed than ever, so ensure that your online presence is an asset rather than a liability.

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