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Mark Mobius Faces Obstacles in Withdrawing Their Investments From China

China has gained notoriety in the financial world for its government’s strong influence on its economic activities. While the Chinese market offers significant profit potential, Beijing exerts strict authority over the flow of money within the sector. Certain notable investors from abroad are starting to encounter challenges due to Beijing’s tight regulations.

In a recent revelation to Fox Business, last week Mark Mobius, a well-known investor and the founder of Mobius Capital Partners, shared that he is experiencing difficulties in withdrawing his investments from China. He stated, “I hold an account with HSBC in Shanghai but face restrictions in transferring my funds out of the country due to government control over capital flow.”

“Despite my requests for clarification on these actions, I have been confronted with various hurdles. While they do not expressly deny my withdrawal requests, they demand extensive financial records spanning over two decades, which I find to be unreasonable,” he expressed.

Although previously enthusiastic about investing in China, Mobius now advises caution to potential investors considering the sector. “It is evident that China is embarking on a divergent path from the reforms initiated by Deng Xiaoping,” he remarked.

“Presently, the government is acquiring significant stakes in numerous companies across China, indicating its intention to exert control over these entities. Thus, witnessing an escalating trend towards greater governmental control in the economy does not bode well for investors,” he cautioned.

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