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Pharmacies Are Limiting The Purchase Of Children’s Pain Medicines

Image Source: HENADZI KlLENT / Shutterstock

Illness is up as the winter season reaches its peak, particularly in children. Cases are increasing around the United States for the common cold, seasonal flu, and COVID-19, and while these cases have not been life-threatening, they have been debilitating for some individuals. It’s for this reason that sales of over-the-counter cold medicine, particularly fever and pain reducers, are up, so much so that pharmacies are having trouble keeping up.

Both CVS and Walgreens have announced that for an indeterminate period, they will be limiting the number of children’s pain and fever medicines customers can buy in a single transaction. Walgreens has placed a six-item limit on online purchases, while CVS is limiting both online and in-person purchases to just two.

“Due to increased demand and various supplier challenges, over-the-counter pediatric fever reducing products are seeing constraint across the country,” Walgreens said in a statement, adding that the limit was imposed “in an effort to help support availability and avoid excess purchases.”

“Supplies of these products are being replenished as quickly as possible, and there is not a widespread shortage in the US. However, with demand for children’s pain and fever medicines reaching unprecedented levels following this early and severe flu season (along with cases of RSV and COVID), we understand why some retailers have adjusted to impose limits on purchases,” the Consumer Healthcare Products Association said in a statement.

“While CHPA member companies are running manufacturing facilities 24-7 to meet demand, we will continue to encourage consumers to buy only what they need, so other families can find and purchase the medicines they are seeking.”

Image Source: HENADZI KlLENT / Shutterstock

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