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Prevent Lifestyle Infiltration From Catching You Off Guard

The deceased George Carlin humorously once quipped that desiring your neighbor’s possessions is the cornerstone of our economic structure. When an acquaintance acquires a fancy new item, irrespective of its nature, you begin coveting that item as well, particularly if they consistently extol its virtues to you. This statement isn’t entirely inaccurate, and on occasion, obtaining a new possession that significantly enhances your life is completely reasonable. However, when the occasional purchase transforms into a bi-weekly habit, it officially becomes a predicament – known as lifestyle creep.

Lifestyle creep is a modern rendition of an age-old notion. If you’re familiar with the phrase “keeping up with the Joneses,” it conveys a similar sentiment: a sense of inadequacy for not aligning with the social and economic stature of those in your vicinity. The fundamental disparity between keeping up with the Joneses and lifestyle creep is that with the latter, you gradually become accustomed to splurging on items that are superfluous. It ceases to be a comparison with others and instead evolves into an ingrained behavior.

For instance, imagine receiving a substantial bonus at work. It’s high time to pamper yourself! You decide to purchase an entirely new collection of expensive clothing that would normally be beyond your budget. Yet, upon juxtaposing your new garments with the old ones, you sense a disparity. Your wardrobe needs to maintain a harmonious aesthetic, correct? Consequently, you procure more new clothing. Subsequently, your ordinary dresser seems inadequate to house all the luxurious garments. A lavish dresser would appear out of place in your mundane room, thus – you grasp the pattern.

As previously mentioned, the occasional indulgence is acceptable. However, it’s vital to prioritize saving for essential needs, or else you might realize that you have an abundance of exquisite possessions but nowhere to store them.

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