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    Resort Day Passes Offer Affordable Pampering for Crafty Travelers

    Resort and hotel day passes are emerging as a popular option for explorers yearning for the allure of a deluxe hospitality experience minus the cost of staying the night. ResortPass, boasting more than 1,300 high-class venues, including renowned establishments like Waldorf-Astoria, JW Marriott, and Fontainebleau, is spearheading the movement in the day-guest market by offering sumptuous facilities at significantly reduced rates.

    Devotees of travel such as Lora Bowler, based in New York, are embracing the savvy approach of utilizing day passes to bask in the opulent atmosphere of exclusive hotels. “It’s an excellent method to enjoy a touch of opulence at a top-tier resort without the obligation of booking a room,” remarked Bower. She’s especially keen on kicking back in the luxurious daybeds and taking advantage of services by the poolside, even discovering a deal that included a temporary workspace for her partner. Day passes grant access to a range of hotel amenities, like pools, spas, and exercise rooms, sidestepping the need to pay for a room, thus aligning luxury indulgences with modest finances.

    A report from, dated July 2023, stated that 60% of those surveyed anticipated their living expenses would influence their travel plans for 2024. Enhancing their stay experience was important for more than half the respondents, with a noteworthy portion of Americans showing interest in day passes as a means to savor upscale hotel features without the overnight expense.

    Hayley Berg, lead economist at Hopper, remarked on an upswing in people being budget-conscious about their travel spending. “Holidaymaking has become a considerate outlay,” mentioned Berg. She pointed out that day passes offer a mutually beneficial scenario, satisfying the wants of travelers while also incrementally adding to hotel incomes.

    The Virgin Hotels New York City, nestled in the heart of Koreatown in Manhattan, encourages visitors to enjoy its rooftop pool that presents stunning views of the Empire State Building and the city’s skyline. Guests have the option to choose from a comfortable sun lounger or a private cabana experience, complete with gratis extras and snacks. Day passes for the pool club start at $130. “Everyone is entitled to a dash of escape,” voiced Sarah Payton, director of partnerships, and programming at Virgin Hotels New York City.

    Established in 2016, ResortPass has secured a dominant 95% share of the day-guest domain. With a significant user base of over 3 million spread across 250 cities, ResortPass facilitates entry to luxurious hotel facilities with day passes beginning at $25. CEO Michael Wolf considers the service a godsend for those seeking a close-by getaway. “Our service is about providing a short-term break without the long travel,” he claimed. “It’s a splendid addition or even an alternative to typical vacations.” ResortPass clients typically spend around $165 for unlimited day access, often indulging in more extravagances than overnight visitors, who may spend over $250 on-site.

    In the future, ResortPass is poised to introduce a club-style program designed for frequent day-pass customers in 2024, promising additional advantages and convenience for those in pursuit of budget-friendly segments of opulence.

    Image Credit: Tijana Simic @ Shutterstock

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