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Spotify, the Huge Music Streaming Platform, is Downsizing 6% of Its Workforce

Recently, many of the biggest tech companies globally have been facing a significant decline in profits as the boosts from the pandemic era start to level off. During the time when people were staying at home due to isolation, tech firms experienced a notable surge and hired more employees to cope up with the demand. However, with the return of in-person activities and offline shopping, these peak levels have become unsustainable, leading to the necessity of downsizing.

The most recent tech company to be affected by downsizing is the music streaming giant Spotify. They revealed this week that they are letting go of around 6% of their workforce across the globe. To put things into perspective, as per a report from September, Spotify has about 9,800 employees worldwide.

CEO Daniel Ek expressed, “Similar to numerous other leaders, I had expectations of continuing to benefit from the positive effects of the pandemic and believed that our expansive global operations and reduced susceptibility to a slowdown in advertising would shield us. Looking back, I was overly optimistic in making investments ahead of our revenue expansion.”

These layoffs, totaling around 590 positions, according to Ek, are intended to streamline the company’s decision-making process and enhance overall efficiency. Ek also highlighted a financial aspect to the decision, stating that last year, Spotify’s total expenditure exceeded its revenue by double.

“This situation would have been unsustainable in the long run regardless of the circumstances, but in the current challenging economic landscape, closing the gap would be even more arduous,” Ek remarked. “As you know, we’ve been diligently trying to cut costs over the past few months, but unfortunately, it hasn’t been enough.”

Source of Image: Fabio Principe / Shutterstock

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