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    Success Unpacked – Moolah

    As per the Miriam-Webster dictionary, “success” can be summed up as an “advantageous or sought-after conclusion.” This definition may seem quite broad, wouldn’t you agree? This is because while the concept of success remains constant, the interpretation of it varies from individual to individual. For some, success is symbolized by a grand mansion, five Lamborghinis, and a pool within another pool. What does success mean to me? It’s simply having a stable, moderately paying job, a serene and neat abode, and overall contentment. Neither my interpretation nor anyone else’s is absolute. What truly matters is not gauging your achievements based on others’ perspectives.

    There are individuals who possess an insatiable hunger for constant growth. If you possess that burning desire and the expertise to support it, then go all out and aim for the stars. However, amassing wealth akin to Scrooge McDuck isn’t a necessary requirement for success, nor is it a prerequisite for happiness. Success doesn’t conform to a standardized mold.

    So, why is it crucial to distinguish one’s perception of success? It’s because determining your own definition of success is synonymous with charting a course for yourself. Having aspirations in life is a fundamental aspect of our humanity. By pursuing these aspirations, you are delineating your own professional benchmarks and boundaries. According to the ultra-high achievers, failing to aim for the absolute pinnacle of your field equates to surrendering. You, my friend, are not a quitter. Attaining a level in your career where you feel content and fulfilled signifies success, irrespective of others’ opinions.

    As I mentioned earlier, I’m not advocating for you to stifle your potential. If you desire more, then go after it. You are capable of achieving it. Yet, if you find solace in your current circumstances and are satisfied, there’s no compulsion to constantly seek more. It isn’t about giving up; it’s about being pragmatic.

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