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The Overlap of Passion and Talent

During our childhood, distinguishing our passions from our aspirations was often a challenge. Simply enjoying activities like reading books might lead us to believe we would become a successful fiction author in the future. However, reality often takes a different path, leading us to careers such as becoming a doctor or pursuing a business degree. While this may seem disappointing, it doesn’t have to dictate the rest of our lives. Lack of explicit skills in our primary passions doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t find a related career.

Imagine this scenario: every skill sets a spectrum, with multiple professions that utilize it. Simultaneously, your passion forms another spectrum, with its own facets. The goal is to discover the point where these two spectrums intersect. For example, if you studied business but have a passion for fiction, how can you mesh the two? Perhaps you may not write books, but you could work in the publishing industry, utilizing your business acumen in their marketing department. The combination of your love for literature and your business expertise makes you a strong contender for such a position.

Sadly, some talents and passions may not align as easily. For instance, being a doctor might not directly translate to opportunities in the world of fiction writing, except maybe as a consultant. But if the skill is lacking, why not acquire it? I know a family member who, despite being a doctor with no formal writing training, gradually honed his writing skills over the years and eventually got a novel published! While he may not be a bestseller, he managed to carve his path into the industry through perseverance.

It’s essential not to assume that deviating from childhood aspirations means excluding oneself from a dream career. Opportunities are plentiful, whether through finding the intersection point or by charting a brand-new course.

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