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Traders and Economists Express Concern Over a Possible Euro Downturn

Amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, financial challenges have spread throughout the European Union, impacting eastern Europe the most severely. The issues affecting the entire EU have consequently led to a depreciation of the euro. This poses not only economic concerns, but also raises the specter of a euro recession, potentially exerting downward pressure on other key European currencies.

Upon commencing trading today, traders displayed hesitance towards handling several major European currencies, such as the Hungarian forint, Polish zloty, and Czech koruna. Presently, the only currencies sparking even greater reluctance among traders are the Russian ruble and Turkish lira.

Paul Greer, a fund manager at Fidelity International, expressed caution and pessimism regarding eastern European currencies to Bloomberg. He highlighted the region as “the most fragile cluster within emerging markets in the realm of currency.”

Piotr Matys, a senior currency analyst at InTouch Capital Markets, remarked, “Europe is particularly vulnerable currently, so it’s logical to anticipate weaker performance from central and eastern currencies, especially if the euro depreciates against the dollar.”

Across EU member states, various monetary strategies have been implemented alongside efforts to ramp up global exports in a bid to stabilize the euro and other currencies. However, this endeavor has proven to be a significant drain on resources. Should the euro officially sink into recession territory, it appears inevitable that the forint, zloty, and koruna would follow suit.

Image Source: nadia_if / Shutterstock

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