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Twitter to Compensate Content Producers: Earnings for Posts

Following an extended wait, Twitter is officially rolling out its profit-sharing scheme for content producers. Elon Musk had previously revealed that certain users would be able to make money through advertisements on the platform, and now the update is just on the horizon, with payments set to arrive in the next 72 hours.

The initiative is solely accessible to individuals who have subscribed to Twitter Blue, the platform’s premium membership service. The profit-sharing program chiefly revolves around ads embedded in responses to posts.

Thus far, the payout amounts have varied, with some producers making a few thousand dollars, while others with a significant following of a few million fans receiving close to $40,000. It’s important to note that Twitter plans to expand eligibility to additional producers later this month, increasing the range of potential beneficiaries.

Nevertheless, the precise requirements and calculations for payouts remain veiled in secrecy. Twitter has not revealed the breakdown of revenue sharing, prompting speculation among users regarding the platform’s cut. One condition for participation is having accumulated at least 5 million views on posts in the past three months.

For instance, right-leaning YouTuber Benny Johnson mentioned his eligibility to earn close to $10,000 through the initiative, while the account @Elon_alerts, recognized for sharing Musk’s Twitter updates, disclosed a payout of approximately $2,200. Elon Musk clarified that the payouts are cumulative, incorporating earnings dating back to February when the program was initially announced.

Twitter’s choice to initiate profit sharing arrives at a crucial juncture when its status as the foremost microblogging platform is encountering intense competition. Meta’s Threads, an app resembling Twitter, recently debuted and swiftly attracted 100 million users within days. Moreover, Musk applied restrictions on the length of tweets users can view, citing the necessity to address concerns regarding data scraping and system manipulation. This action raises doubts about Twitter’s reliance on advertising for revenue.

Amid these developments, reports indicate that Twitter’s traffic has been diminishing since January, based on Cloudflare data. As the platform adapts to these shifting circumstances, implementing the profit-sharing scheme could prove to be a strategic step in retaining producers and ensuring a varied range of content.

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