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Twitter to Pay Creators: Money for Tweets

After months of anticipation, Twitter is finally rolling out its revenue-sharing program for creators. Elon Musk had previously announced that some users would have the opportunity to earn money through ads on the platform, and now the update is just around the corner, with payments expected to arrive within the next 72 hours.

The program is exclusively available to users who subscribe to Twitter Blue, the platform’s premium subscription service. The revenue-sharing initiative is primarily driven by ads placed in the replies to tweets.

So far, payout amounts have varied, with some creators earning a few thousand dollars, while others with a substantial following of a few million followers receiving nearly $40,000. It’s worth noting that Twitter intends to extend eligibility to more creators later this month, broadening the scope of potential beneficiaries.

However, the exact criteria and calculations for payouts remain shrouded in mystery. Twitter has not disclosed the revenue-sharing breakdown, leaving users speculating about the platform’s share. One prerequisite for participation is having at least 5 million impressions on tweets over the past three months.

For instance, conservative YouTuber Benny Johnson expressed his eligibility to earn nearly $10,000 through the program, while the account @Elon_alerts, known for sharing Musk’s Twitter activity, reported a payout of around $2,200. Elon Musk himself clarified that the payouts are cumulative, encompassing earnings dating back to February when the program was first announced.

Twitter’s decision to initiate revenue sharing comes at a crucial time when its status as the leading microblogging platform faces fierce competition. Meta’s Threads, a copycat app similar to Twitter, recently launched and quickly amassed 100 million users in a matter of days. Additionally, Musk took measures to limit the number of tweets users can read, citing the need to address data scraping and system manipulation concerns. This move raises questions about Twitter’s dependency on advertising as a revenue stream.

Amidst these developments, Twitter’s traffic has reportedly been experiencing a decline since January, according to Cloudflare data. As the platform navigates this changing landscape, implementing the revenue-sharing program could be a strategic move to retain creators and ensure content diversity.

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