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When is it Appropriate to Pause Your Job Search?

During my youth, there were moments when I felt a great need to secure a new job. At that time, I was employed, but I aspired to land a role more aligned with my expertise (and ideally offering better compensation). Consequently, I devoted all my free time to job hunting: completing applications, refining and revising my CV, and on occasion, attempting unsolicited calls – despite the questionable effectiveness of that strategy. Anyone who has endured a prolonged job search can attest that seeking employment is akin to a full-time occupation; juggling this alongside an existing job can be utterly exhausting.

After enduring several fruitless months, I found myself in a dire situation, prompting me to make the decision to step back temporarily and decompress. Admittedly, my circumstances were not all-consuming, given that I was currently employed; for those who are entirely jobless, the urgency of finding work is far more pronounced. However, if you possess a safety cushion like savings or a supportive individual who can assist you, it may be beneficial to take a breather, even if only briefly. Constantly dedicating every waking hour to submitting applications, only to face rejection or silence, can severely dampen your enthusiasm, potentially resulting in subpar output. If job hunting evolves into a mechanical routine, you might unknowingly shortchange yourself on an opportunity for which you were seemingly well-suited.

If rejections become a recurring theme, taking a hiatus becomes even more crucial; it allows for introspection on the reasons hindering your progress. With newfound time, connect with peers in your industry and request their feedback on your CV and cover letters. A fresh perspective could prove invaluable. Above all, prioritize your own well-being. A short pause to reorient yourself will not cause the world to halt its rotation.

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