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    You Are Not a Deceiver

    A regrettable trend among the working generation of millennials is the widespread existence of “imposter syndrome.” Imposter syndrome is a minor psychological state where an individual believes their achievements are merely coincidental and that they have only progressed through sheer chance. Psychologists have not pinpointed a singular definitive cause of imposter syndrome, with some suggesting it may stem from high stress or anxiety, while others connect it to unpleasant memories from childhood. No matter the reason, it is a highly draining and self-sabotaging mindset, which is far from conducive to a thriving career.

    The initial step in combating harmful thought patterns is recognizing them right away. Whenever feelings of inadequacy surface, make an effort to pause and introspect. What is triggering these thoughts? Why do you harbor such beliefs? Upon reflection, you may often discern the irrationality of these destructive thoughts.

    One effective remedy for imposter syndrome is seeking reassurance from your surrounding circle. You could request a vote of confidence from friends or family, though this approach may seem somewhat superficial, making it more beneficial to solicit feedback from a colleague or supervisor. A simple inquiry such as “do you perceive my contributions as valuable?” should suffice. If you have a track record of accomplishments, chances are they will affirm your positive impact.

    It is easy to succumb to self-criticism and regard any progress as mere serendipity, but resist this tendency. If you hold a good position and lead a stable life, then you must be doing things correctly. Luck alone cannot sustain an individual throughout their lifetime; it is skill and commitment that prevail, both of which you abundantly possess.

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